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Highland Park Fire Department
1677 Old Deerfield Road
Highland Park, IL 60035

Lake County

847-432-0699 - fax

Hiring Information:

Position: Firefighter / Paramedic (EMT II)
Last Filing Date:  February 7, 2022

Special Instructions:  



Description of Primary Purpose

Primary Purpose:
Performs a variety of hazardous tasks when engaged in combating, extinguishing and preventing fires; in answering emergency medical calls, extricating and rescuing individuals from fires and entrapment; treating the sick and injured and in operation and maintenance of fire department equipment, apparatus and quarters.

Application Deadline: February 7, 2022

Application Packet (Click Here) (Download PDF reader)

Supervision Received:
Work is performed under the direct supervision of the station Lieutenant with complete oversight of the entire shift by the Battalion Chief.

Supervision Exercised:
Certified paramedic may be assigned the duties of overseeing provisional paramedics during their certification process.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Attends training courses; reads and understands assigned materials related to emergency medical care, firefighting and fire prevention. Performs the necessary tasks associated with the certified level of EMT-P such as taking blood pressure, administering oxygen, removing obstructions from airways, inserting IV`s, giving emergency drugs, performing optimum CPR and Cardio-version, and maintains the prescribed level of certification.
Responds to fire alarms with a company; operates pumps, aerial ladders and auxiliary equipment; lays and connects hose; holds nozzles; directs fog or water streams; raises and extends ladders; forces entry using axes, hammers or other tools; uses chemical extinguishers, bars, hooks, lines and other equipment. Is comfortable wearing and using self-contained breathing apparatus. Investigates fire causes and origins under the direction of an officer. Ventilates burning buildings by opening windows and skylights using power equipment or by chopping holes in roofs and floors; breaches and removes walls, floors and ceilings; searches for and removes persons from danger; administers first aid to injured persons; performs salvage operations such as throwing salvage covers, vacuuming and removing water, cleaning up and removing debris.
Responds to vehicle accident scenes and performs extrication techniques using specialized heavy hydraulic equipment during emergency situations. Moves accident and illness victims onto ambulance cots and lifts, rolls, carries and otherwise moves such victims and cots as necessary.
Responds to and mitigates hazardous materials leaks and spills. Rescues victims trapped in a variety of situations including, but not limited to: confined spaces, above- and below-grade situations, trenches, structural collapses, and in/under water and/or ice.
Participates in live fire, rope and other rescue, rappelling and hazardous materials training. Attends classes in firefighting, rescue and emergency medical care.
Performs general maintenance work in the up-keep of fire department property; prepares and submits reports and forms regarding alarms, supplies, equipment and other matters pertaining to his/her unit. Makes minor repairs to property and equipment; washes, hangs and dries hoses, washes, cleans and disinfects equipment and apparatus.
Relays orders, instructions and information accurately.
Tests fire hydrants and records flow information for department use.
Performs assigned fire inspections, checks building exits and related structures and appurtenances for compliance with fire prevention ordinances.
Performs related duties as assigned.

Education and Experience

Required Minimum Qualifications:
The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Requirements Proof of meeting these requirements must be submitted during the application process described below:

U.S. Citizen
Valid driver?s license
Between the ages of 21 and 34 at time of the last possible date of the written exam.
High School diploma or equivalent (GED)
Valid Illinois Department of Public Health EMT-Paramedic (IDPH EMT-P) OR National Registry license by date of application deadline.
Successful completion of CPAT and Ladder Climb within one (1) year prior to application deadline.
Graduation from a standard high school or vocational school.

Previous firefighting experience desired but not required.

Certification or License:
Valid Illinois Department of Public Health EMT-Paramedic (IDPH EMT-P) OR National Registry license by date of application deadline. Successful completion of CPAT and Ladder Climb within one (1) year prior to application deadline. Licensed CPAT/Ladder Climb testing agencies include (but are not limited to):
NIPSTA ? Glenview, IL ? www.nipsta.org ? (847-998-8090)
SUFD ? Darien, IL ? www.sufd.org ? (708-579-2064)
Central Illinois ? Decatur, IL ? www.centralillinoisfirechiefs.com - (217-424-2811)
ESEC Education Center ? Indianapolis, IN ? www.wayne.k12.in.us ? (317-988-7703)

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Proficiencies:
Must be able to read and write the English language. Knowledge of the street system and physical layout of the City. Ability to climb ladders and work at considerable heights and also to work well below grade in dark, confined spaces. Learns a wide variety of firefighting duties and methods within a reasonable working test period. Adapts to a number of different situations that could all happen at the same time. Learns ambulance procedures and operations, learns patient care and how to deal with serious patient trauma. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with other employees and the general public. Understands and follows oral and written instructions. Operates all fire and medical apparatuses and equipment and to share knowledge of one`s own individual skills and expertise.

Ability to swim enough to be able to retrieve objects from ? and maneuver in ? lakes, rivers, ponds, pools and tubs of depths greater than the employee`s height. Have good health and strength sufficient to perform arduous work and motivation to maintain personal fitness and wellness. Possess a positive mental attitude with the desire and motivation to achieve a higher position on the department through attendance at classes and self-study. Ability to pass the State of Illinois requirement for licensure for driving and operating emergency vehicles.

Supplemental Information

Safety Functions:

Becomes familiar with and observes all applicable safety policies and procedures.
Provides training on fire safety related issues identified during inspections to emergency response personnel.
Maintains and uses appropriate Proper Personal Equipment.
Immediately reports all unsafe conditions and acts to supervisor.
Reports all accidents and near misses to supervisor immediately.
Recommends improvements to safety practices.
Adheres to all safety rules and established work practices.
Follows proper lifting/material handling procedures at all times.
Maintains appropriate physical fitness to perform essential job functions.

Work Environment:
This position involves both station duties and response work, including performing typical station duties such as cleaning of the general living and office areas and cleaning of the fire apparatus. The work shift will consist of 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty. The employee will be exposed to all types of weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, from bitter cold to extreme heat and humidity. The employee will be exposed to noise levels ranging from moderate to very loud, from open areas to very cramped confined spaces. The work environment will subject the employee to heavy traffic conditions both in responding to emergency calls and when attempting extrications at accident scenes. The work environment may expose the employee to fumes and airborne particles; immersion in deep water; low-visibility conditions; and possible biological, radiological and nuclear contamination.

Although firefighting and rescue work are the most difficult and responsible areas of activity, the major portion of time is spent drilling and studying methods, techniques, organization and in routine duties in the care and maintenance of fire department property and equipment. Due to the nature of the facilities and assignments, personnel eat together and are in a social semi-family type of environment. There is a communal bunkroom for sleeping.

Bloodborne Pathogens:
The employee may be exposed to bloodborne pathogens in the course of providing or assisting in the provision of emergency care. All policies established by the Fire Department and City are followed and enforced by the employee.

Tools and Equipment Used:
The employee will be required to use a typewriter, computer, mobile data terminal and telephone during station functions. In the field the employee must drive a fire engine, ladder truck, rescue squad or ambulance. He/she must be comfortable wearing full turnout gear, self-contained breathing apparatus. He/she will use axes, halligans, pry bars, hose, nozzles, electric and gas powered fans, ladders, ropes, saws (both hand and gas operated), portable radios, lights and any other equipment necessary to complete his/her tasks.

Starting Salary:  $78,449.10 - $104,144.14 Annually
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   City of Highland Park, Human Resources
1707 St. Johns Avenue

Highland Park, IL 60035

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: N/A
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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