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State of New Mexico
2600 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505



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Position: State Fire Academy Operations Manager (DHSEM #4254)
Last Filing Date:  February 8, 2022

Special Instructions:  

open until filled


Purpose of Position
Why does the job exist?
This position oversees the day to day operations of the instructional staff and the adjunct staff. Ensures that all classes are scheduled and that testing meets IFSAC and Pro Board requirements. Ensures that all classes meet National Fire Protection Standards. Is responsible for the safety of all classes conducted and that all environment laws are followed. Assists the Deputy State Fire Marshal of the Training Bureau with the management of the State Firefighters Training Academy in developing and coordinating all training activities as required by Article 59A-52 to meet the needs of 395 Fire Departments (approximately 9,0000 New Mexico Firefighters) in obtaining various levels of certification to meet and comply with all Federal, State and National standards. Specific function levels, with objectives, and goals are disseminated to Fire Departments statewide. The Academy is accredited through the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) and is presently seeking a dual accreditation through Pro Board. It is the primary training institution for the State?s Fire Service and currently provides training to approximately 3,000 firefighters annually. Due to the inherent danger associated with firefighting, the training must be realistic. There are substantial safety and liability concerns that must be continually addressed when managing programs that use live fires, rappelling tower and power tools as part of the day-to-day training programs. Firefighting by nature is extremely dangerous. The knowledge and skills acquired at the Academy have a direct impact on the protection of life and property for citizens throughout New Mexico.
How does it get done?
Establish goals and objectives and policies for the Fire Training Academy to be utilized during the delivery of courses and training, enhancing the knowledge, training and safety of firefighters and having a direct impact on the performance of the fire service, ultimately benefiting the citizens of New Mexico. Provide complex training segments to 3,000 firefighters throughout the year as well as conducting an annual Fire School in August with participation from throughout the state fire service. Develop training delivery curricula for campus and off-campus field courses assuring that all programs meet Federal Laws, State Laws and National Standards. Develop and implement Policies and Procedures covering the delivery system for both campus and off-campus field courses ensuring that they meet all Federal Laws, State Laws and National Standards. Develop policies and procedures to be utilized by Instructors and Adjunct Instructors. Ensure that they meet and/or exceed the National Fire Protection Standard and they are up to date with all Standard changes. Ensure that all state and Federal Environmental laws are followed. Ensures that Fire Instructors are trained and maintain all certifications to perform their duties. Prepare, review and approve 200 Adjunct Instructor Contracts. Prepare, review and approve 200 Adjunct Instructor Contracts. Prepare, review and approve 200 Adjunct Instructor Contracts. Supervise a Staff of 8: 7 instructor/coordinators, 1 instructional staff secretary and 200 adjunct instructors.
Who are the customers?
Department of Homeland Security, State Fire Marshal`s Office and staff
Statewide Fire Departments
Citizens of New Mexico
Ideal Candidate
Will have:

--Operational Knowledge of Fire Sciences and Fire Safety
--Experience providing Fire Science & Safety Instruction
Minimum Qualification
A Bachelor`s Degree in any field of study from an accredited college or university and five (5) years of professional level experience operating within parameters and guidelines directly related to the purpose of the position defined by the agency at the time of recruitment. Substitutions Apply. See Substitution Table below. A hiring agency will designate that a portion of the required experience to include supervisory and/or specialized experience. Any required licensure, certification or registration shall be defined at the time of recruitment and will be in addition to the above requirements.
Substitution Table
These combinations of education and experience qualify you for the position:

Education Experience
1 High School Diploma or Equivalent AND 9 years of experience
2 Associate`s degree AND 7 years of experience
3 Bachelor`s degree AND 5 years of experience
4 Master`s degree AND 3 years of experience
5 PhD degree AND 1 year of experience
? Education and years of experience must be related to the purpose of the position.

? If Minimum Qualification requires a specific number of "semester hours" in a field (e.g. 6 semester hours in Accounting), applicants MUST have those semester hours in order to meet the minimum qualifications. No substitutions apply for semester hours.

Employment Requirements
Pre employment investigation required and conditional pending results. Must possess and maintain a valid Driver`s License.
Working Conditions
All employees with the State of New Mexico are required to provide either proof of COVID-19 vaccination or proof of a COVID-19 viral test every week.

Work is conducted in an office, classroom, and on the fire ground providing direction/instruction for fire service operations.

Supplemental Information

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Bargaining Unit Position
This position is not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

Starting Salary:  $42,719 - $74,331 Annually
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   State of New Mexico
2600 Cerrillos Road

Santa Fe, NM 87505


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Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: N/A
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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